Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Blah" Remnants

January has been a "blah" kind of month for us - coming off of holiday highs to cold, early, dark mornings... way too much snow... snow... more snow... trying to get back into routines and failing miserably... getting the flu and being completely knocked out for a week... I vote that we get rid of the month of January entirely. Despite feeling somewhat "blah" all month, we have had some fun here and there. I've posted most of it already, but here are the remnants of the fun we've had during this "blah" January. :)

Ha ha! Love these two kids. I have no idea what they were watching, but Laura pulled herself up to watch with Cayden. (No, we don't let them watch TV this close. But it was too cute and I had to get a picture.)

This girl has awesome hair. And it leads to awesome bedhead. I love getting her up from naps to see what her hair is going to look like. This bedhead is hands down the best I've seen yet.

Visits from Uncle Greg. Cayden and Laura love having him come over! Laura is modeling Greg's hat here... a hat he actually wears?!?! He doesn't wear pants, but he'll wear a goofy hat. Love that kid. :)

Celebrating Uncle Greg's birthday! We're going to miss him when he leaves on his mission in May. (Xalapa, Mexico... so excited for him!)

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