Sunday, December 9, 2012

"Way to go, Idaho!" ...or Blogger

About a month ago I sat down to do a blog post only to have Blogger tell me that I had filled up all my storage space and couldn't upload any photos. Say what?! Refusing to pay for more storage I was left with the daunting task of starting a new blog. Not really wanting to do that I put off posting, and put off posting, and put off posting. Then yesterday I decided to just try and upload some photos to see what would happen. What happened? I uploaded photos and did a blog post. Way to go Blogger! You're kinda screwy!

So without further ado, here are all the pictures I should have posted ages ago but didn't because Blogger pulls really lame practical jokes. Most of these pictures (all except for the first two) are from our trip to Colorado for Thanksgiving.

Cayden helping daddy mow the lawn for the very last time (at least until next year). This is a huge improvement for Cayden who usually runs away from all loud things - the vacuum, lawn mower, leaf blowers, hair dryers... you get the picture.

Laura's favorite new face. This is from like a month ago and it still is her favorite face. Goofy girl.

Sporting glasses and chewing on a wipe.

Helping with the laundry at Grandma's house. Too bad I didn't get the picture of Laura picking up Aunt Colleen's underwear. :)

First bubble bath!

Cute girl after her bath. So happy!

Wearing daddy's hat...

...and trying to take it off!

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Nicki said...

Look at all that hair! So cute.