Sunday, November 4, 2012


Not this weekend, but the one before that we celebrated my birthday. Since my birthday was on a Sunday the celebration spanned both Saturday and Sunday. I was ok with that. After all, I got two back rubs out of it! Funny how when I was a little kid 30 seemed so old and far away. No I'm not 30 (that's still three years off), but now it doesn't seem that bad. :)

Making a wish (such an exaggerated face for Cayden's sake)! Let's hope it comes true. :)

On Saturday we went to the Halloween party that the Little Gym Cayden goes to threw. It was pretty cute and Cayden was so excited to show daddy where his gym class is and point out his teacher. He also showed Chad some of the things he has learned how to do. Cayden was so proud of himself - it was too cute!

Cayden getting his face painted.

Laura enjoying some of Cayden's treats. This girl loves fruit snacks! Actually, this girl just loves food.

After my birthday on Sunday we carved a pumpkin. This is the first year that Cayden actually got involved and I think that overall he enjoyed it. We didn't prep him as to what to expect, but just told him to stick his hand in and pull the guts out. His face was priceless and I wish we would have taken a video.

Sticking his hand in...

...and out come the guts! This picture doesn't show it, but he is smiling through the grossness. This kid did not want to pull anymore guts out. He hates his hands getting dirty and just couldn't stand it.

Cute half dressed boy helping carve the pumpkin.

This is how Laura helps carve pumpkins. She would have gladly gotten her hands in the pumpkin, but we wouldn't let her.

TA DA! The finished product. Cayden picked what we carved (obviously). I've never carved an actual stencil before and I'll probably never do one again. It took way too long, my hand ended up way too cramped, and it was way too imperfect for the perfectionist in me. But, Cayden loved it and I guess that's what counts. P.S. 10 points to whoever knows who this is.

To cap off all the celebrations, we went to our ward Halloween chili dinner this past week. I was one of the people in charge of it and though it turned out great I am so glad it is over. Here is a video of Cayden playing the doughnut eating game. Turns out the string they tied was just a little too short for him. Cayden wanted to use his hands so bad. I love the part near the end where his hands are up by his face and he is fighting with himself over whether to grab the doughnut or not. Cute kid.

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