Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Day with Grandma and Grandpa

Last week Chad's parents picked Cayden up and took him up to Salt Lake to spend a day at the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum. They rode the TRAX to and from Salt Lake (Cayden was so excited to ride on a train), went to the museum, went to lunch, and visited Chad at work. Cayden came home exhausted, but still talks about all the fun he had with Grandma and Grandpa! It was a perfect day for my little man.

Lots and lots of waiting.

Finally getting on!

Riding on the "train" (aka TRAX).

Cayden wanted to hold on to the handles for those standing on the train. He had to stand on the seat and still had to stretch. Looks enjoyable, right? :)

Lots of ball playing.

The construction area was probably one of his favorite spots. (I'm just guessing based on how much he talks about it.)

Filling the car up with gas. Cayden now thinks he needs to fill our car up with gas.

Hahaha! One of my favorite pictures... Cayden AND Grandpa holding their ears!

Eating lunch. Apparently he ate all of it - I wish he would do that at dinner. He also found a penny.

Walking into Daddy's office building.

Getting on the elevator. He was so excited to ride it!

Sitting at Daddy's desk.

Playing basketball.

Talking Mark's ear off. Cayden ran all the way across the floor to talk to one of Chad's coworkers. A little surprising considering how shy he can be sometimes.

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