Sunday, September 9, 2012

Colorado Railroad Museum

During our most recent visit to Colorado we visited the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden. There are rows and rows of trains, many of which have been restored (some you can even walk around inside of) and others are sitting there waiting their turn. Cayden was in train heaven and I, surprisingly, loved it too! It would be fun to go again sometime without little kids and be able to look at everything and read everything.

Turning the brake on the caboose.

Inside a boxcar. I told him I was going to shut him inside and he was too excited to care.

Driving the engine! It was so bright outside!

One of his favorite things... peeking out of engines!

Inside a caboose. Cayden climbed all over inside, including all the way to the top. Who knew cabooses actually have a purpose?!

Cute boy looking through the connection between the engine and coal car. (Though normally the iron bars aren't there.)

Proof that Laura and I were there. Also, my FAVORITE engine we saw. It was by far the oldest and the coolest.

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