Friday, July 3, 2009

Not Quite Godzilla

Tuesday afternoon I went to my Dr appointment only to find out that nothing had changed since the previous appointment. (Ok, a little changed but not what I was hoping.) I was still dilated 1cm, the baby's head was still at -2, and I was 75% effaced - 5% more than before. I looked at the Dr and then at the nurse. The nurse could tell I was upset and told me it was ok to cry... which I did. :)

After calming down I talked to the Dr some more. He said that the hospital I will be delivering at has a policy that pregnant women cannot be induced until they are a week overdue - unless of course there is a good reason they would need to be induced earlier. Neither the Dr nor myself wanted me to go a week overdue, which by the way is what I was looking at because NOTHING was happening down in the baby department. The Dr said he was worried that I'd be delivering a little monster (aka an enormous child) and wanted to get an estimate of how big the baby currently was so I made an ultrasound appointment for the following day to determine the estimated fetal weight. He said that if the baby was HUGE then he might be able to induce earlier.

Following an extremely painful ultrasound (pressure all over your 39+ week pregnant belly = ouch!) the ultrasound guy said the baby currently weighs about 8 lbs 9 oz. Are you kidding?! Holy hugeness! In his words, not mine... "Well, he's not quite Godzilla..." Thanks dude. You're not the one going to have to push this baby out. Joy.

So there you have it. My baby is a beast. Hopefully he is big enough to warrant being induced earlier than one week overdue. Then again, maybe it won't be necessary. I've been having contractions/braxton hicks/false labor/not sure what to call it since late Tuesday night. I've mastered the one minute in length, but am still working on the 3-5 minutes apart. This little boy just better come soon because I hurt all over.

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danson said...

I hope you have your baby on Sunday! It's my half-birthday so that would be awesome! Maybe what happened with my mum will happen with you... when my mum was pregnant with me, she went in for a doctor's appointment two days before I was due... and the doctor said that at the rate she was going she won't have me until April (this was in January), but then... she had me the next day, a day early, and pushed me out in one push!

Wish you the best with your delivery and everything! I will be sending a multitude of good thoughts your way!