Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy (late!) Birthday

Chad's birthday was on Monday, July 6, but we celebrated it a little early because we didn't know when Cayden was going to arrive. For Chad's 26th birthday I bought 26 of his favorite junk/food items and hid them around the house. Chad then had to go on a scavenger hunt to find them. It actually turned into the 'hot or cold' game because Chad is very bad and hunting for things. :) He also got to pick out a new outfit for his birthday; which he looks very hot in I might add. ;) Chad requested that we have Taco Bell for dinner so I obliged and then turned the food into a TB cake before we actually ate it. The cake wasn't all that cute, but I thought it was creative... candles and all!

The scavenger hunt finds.

Chad with his new clothes. He is trying to show you how old he is... 2 and 5 on his hands, plus 1 big toe = 26!

Chad and the TB cake.

We still celebrated a little on Chad's actual birthday. My mom took us out to dinner (thanks mom!) and then we had a real birthday cake. (Yes, the grocery store made it, but I did just have a baby. Give me a break!) Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate! It sure was delicious!

Happy birthday Chad/Daddy! We love you lots and think you are the greatest!

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Shannon said...

I know I've only met Chad once (at the wedding reception) but what the heck -- Happy Birthday!