Thursday, November 17, 2016


This little princess just had her third birthday this past weekend. It's really hard to believe that my little baby is getting so big! I tell her all the time that she's my baby and she just laughs and says that she's a big girl. How we love this little girl! We love her mischievousness, sass, and all the fun that she brings to our family. She's my comic relief and just about the funniest/nuttiest kid I've met. We're so glad she's part of our family!

All ready for church on her birthday, complete with a birthday crown. She proudly wore it all day. :)

Opening one of her favorite presents. She loves her Frozen microphone... I think it might need to have an early death.

More presents.

Another favorite present.

A princess cake for my princess. She loved it which I guess makes it worth all the time and effort it took. Any guesses as to what princess it is? ;)

 Success! She loved her cake and even understood how to blowout the candles this year.

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