Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thanksgiving in Utah +1

Here's a little bit of catch up from the past few weeks. I think 99% of the pictures are from our Thanksgiving trip to Utah; actually, all the pictures but the first are from our trip.

 Cayden reading his story at his Authors Tea. The kids all read their stories and enjoyed snacks and drinks afterwards. Laura and Grace loved listening to all the stories and sitting with the big kids.

And now... Utah pictures!

When we were in Utah we made sure to visit both sets of Chad's grandparents. For some reason we didn't take any pictures with Great Grandma and Grandpa Higgins, but took this one of the kids with Great Grandma and Grandpa Hall.

I absolutely LOVE these pictures of Laura and Great Grandpa Hall. She loved him!

Laura helping Grandpa with some yard work.

Cayden helping Grandma make rolls for our Thanksgiving dinner.

The day after Thanskgiving the kids got to pull the wishbone. And... Laura won! I have no idea what she wished for, but I love her wishing face. I also love Cayden's face in the second picture. Lol!

I've got me some mean biker kids. ;)

Cutie girl enjoying the most delicious fries ever! I think that's all she ate for lunch that day. Sidenote: If you're ever in Sandy, UT stop by The Philadelphian. It is totally a dive, but the food is amazing!

Concentrating hard on those puzzles. Check out that tongue!

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