Thursday, July 2, 2015

Trouble Makers, Fun Lovers, & the Disobedient

My little artist. She did a dang good job; the entire wall was covered in pencil scribbles. Grace was so proud of her work that I hated to scrub it off the wall.

Laura "sleeping" (she has decided that Chad's grill cover makes a really good blanket). 

My little superstar started nursery almost two months ago and it was only in the last week that we made it through the two hours without much crying. Fingers crossed that she's learning to like it and that it's not just a fluke.

Our neighbors got a new jeep power wheel and all the kids love riding it together. (Zoom in on the pics to see my kids' huge grins!) Cayden enjoys riding more than driving and Laura is forbidden to drive after the near miss of a parked car and the mailbox, finally ending up in a pine tree - the girl needs to learn to look while she's driving!

Gracie thought it was fun at first...

...but quickly changed her mind. I shouldn't laugh, but her face cracks me up.

We seem to take a lot of pictures of the kids eating ice cream lately. I guess we tend to eat more of it (that and popsicles) during the summer. Plus, my kids are Higgins', so naturally they LOVE ice cream!

Cayden learned the hard way that mom will do what she says. After multiple warnings to stop messing around while eating breakfast I told him that if he kept it up, his breakfast would end up on his head. I'll let you guess as to whether or not he listened. Again, I really shouldn't laugh...

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