Sunday, April 19, 2015

Happy [Belated] Easter!

We started off Easter weekend with egg dyeing on Saturday. The kids always have so much fun; Gracie even joined in on the fun this year.

Eating the egg, shell and all; way more fun than dyeing it. ;)

Showing off their skills.

Gracie was so fascinated with the whole process.

Coloring and adding stickers to eggs. She had so much fun.

Cute dolly having fun.

Gracie finally managed to pull the shell off of an egg and decided to try it out.

Grace decided that she wasn't a huge fan of hard boiled eggs and gave it to daddy.

Sunday morning the kids discovered baskets left by the Easter Bunny.

Ready for the kiddos.

 The loot. Cayden and Laura really enjoyed the puzzles they got.

It was hard to tell what Gracie liked better, the ball or the candy.

So excited about the candy that she wouldn't let it out of her hand, but she wanted her ball equally as bad. Solution? Hold the ball with your fists. :)

Let the hunting begin!

Cayden was a pro this year. We frequently had to give the girls a head start or else Cayden would have had all the eggs in minutes.

I told this girl to show me what was in her basket and this is what I got. Goofy girl.

She needed some assistance from dad.

It took Gracie a few minutes to figure out what was going on, but once she caught on, she couldn't be stopped. (Sorry for all the pictures of Grace, she was just too cute while looking for eggs.)

We asked Grace to show us what she had in her hand and she ran away while proudly displaying her egg. I call this one 'Egg Ballet.'

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