Sunday, February 9, 2014


I have a bunch of random pictures that never seemed "worthy" of their own post and so they got forgotten about. But who says that I can't have one post about all the random, everyday stuff going on in our life? So here you go. Here is our stuff.

The following three pictures are from when my family came out for Grace's baby blessing a few weeks ago. I love them all for different reasons.

Love because... Cayden is totally flashing the camera. Good thing you ladies can't see his ripped abs. :) He is going to die from embarrassment when he sees this picture in later years. Ha ha.

Love because... It shows how sweet Laura can be. She isn't always feisty and ornery. Plus, she is just so dang cute.

Love because... This is just too precious. Grace looks totally relaxed and comfortable on Grandma. So sweet.

Keeping Cayden entertained at church. It worked. It kept him quiet. After a while Cayden started putting the sticker strips on Chad's face. I wish I had a picture of that. I also wish that Chad would have forgotten that the stickers were on his face when he went up to give the closing prayer. That would have been epic.

Just some casual reading. Chad was quite proud of Laura's choice of literature.

For Great Grandpa Higgins' 84th birthday everyone who could went and rode the Frontrunner train with him. (He loves trains!) We sent Cayden with Steven and Krysta. He had a blast and wants to do it again. In hindsight, I probably should have sent Laura too. She wanted to go so badly and cried when Cayden left. I just didn't want Steven and Krysta to be overwhelmed. We'll have to ride it again sometime so that Laura can go.

What my bed frequently looks like these days. I find I'm often too tired to fight whatever the problem may be and so I just drag them into bed with me. It gets a little squishy sometimes.

We made cupcakes and Laura was so excited to eat one. It's somewhat hard to see, but Laura is covered in chocolate. Legs, stomach, arms, face. She loved that cupcake!

My precious!

How I love this sweet, smiley girl. She is such a content, calm, happy baby (which is a huge blessing as there are two other tyrants that run my life). While having three kids has been a huge adjustment, I wouldn't trade her for the world and can't imagine our family without her. Love my little Gracie girl.

 These kids sure love their popcicles! Never mind the fact that it's February...

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