Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Whole Lot of Nothing

I've had a really hard time blogging the past few months. I feel like we do the same thing every day and so I don't ever really take any pictures. Then since I don't have pictures, I don't blog. Plus, nothing blog-worthy ever happens. So I'm kinda stuck. Here's to an attempt at getting unstuck and hopefully getting better at blogging and taking pictures in the near future.

Getting ice cream at Arctic Circle. They have the perfect size play area for Laura and Cayden (lots of other play places are too big for them) so we drive 15 minutes to go to it. While Laura loves ice cream, we discovered that she really loves ice cream cones!

Getting into the cupboards at Gma and Gpa Higgins' house. We walked into the kitchen and found her just digging around.

Telling us off for catching her and trying to take her away.

Chad got his top wisdom teeth taken out this past week and when he came home he handed me this prescription. I thought it was legit at first and was surprised because Chad had told me previously that he didn't want any prescription drugs. Our dentist must think he's funny. :)

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