Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Our Lame Attempts

Potty training has been pretty hit and miss around here. I encourage going on the big boy potty at each diaper change, but other than that I don't push it. If Cayden comes to me and says he wants to try then we do. I've decided to wait until he turns three to really push it. Oh, and we've pretty much tried every bribe imaginable and still nothing. Bought big boy underwear... nope. M&M's (which are his favorite candy ever)... nope. A talking Diesel 10 to go with his other trains... nope. I'm kinda burned out and we haven't even really started. The biggest obstacle seems to be his lack of caring. He just doesn't care to go in the potty. It's not that he is scared or isn't aware that he needs to go... trust me, he is. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

The special potty spot. Sadly, it is not used very frequently. :(

One attempt at going.

The latest attempt. It wasn't successful, but cracked me up. Cayden camped out on the potty for an HOUR! (And yes, I asked multiple times if he wanted to get off.) He had his markers, crayons, and coloring book as well as a snack of apples. Goofy boy.

And just because she's cute, here's Laura. She is wearing a dress that used to be mine. Love this little girl and her cheeks!

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Nicki said...

I feel your pain. I've come to believe that potty training is the worst part of parenting. Owen's got #2 down, but absolutely doesn't care about #1. I know, backwards, right? Except he always sits on the potty and keeps his pull-up dry when we're not at home. It's just when we're at home that he couldn't care less. Ugh.