Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Festivities

This past weekend was the best! We did fun things together as a family, ate lots of candy and chocolate and yummy food, took darling pictures of the kids, went to church for the first time with two kids, and I finally started to feel half human and like I can actually take care of two kids AND do fun things! Love, love, love.

This was the first Easter that Cayden finally understood a little about the Easter bunny as well as the true meaning behind Easter. (Well, all he really gets is that it is about Jesus, but hey, it's a start.) We had a lot of fun and took way too many pictures.

Action shot... hunting for eggs. The kid got a whopping five eggs and was just tickled!

Surveying the loot. He ate every piece of candy immediately and may or may not have been on a small sugar high that morning. :)

This is how Laura hunts for eggs. Cute girl.

My sweet kids after the Easter egg hunt.

Eating a chocolate Easter basket. If Cayden looks tired and sweaty and hot it's because he just spent an hour at the park running around.

Easter baskets. The Easter bunny even remembered Laura.

"What's this?!"

When Cayden opened the first egg candy popped out and scared him. So funny. He quickly understood that there was candy in every egg and had to open them all. Yes, chocolate may have been part of his breakfast.

Making an eyeball train? AKA lining his chocolate eggs up like a train. Nutty kid.

Cool little dude on the way to papa's house.

At Chad's parent's house we decided to do a little photo shoot of the kids since they were dressed so cute and the weather was gorgeous. Here are some of my favorites...

Cayden is such a sweet big brother.

Love this little face!

The reason we stopped taking pictures. Laura spit on Cayden and he promptly started crying. If you look closely you can actually see the spit. :) Oh, and I love Cayden's face.

Why so serious? Ok, creepy and funny. Cayden had a juice stain on his face from dinner which Uncle Eric thought looked like the Joker. Thank you Eric for teaching my child to say "Why so serious?" And yes, he says it in a very creepy/raspy voice too.

Dyeing eggs! Cayden thought it was so neat that the eggs changed colors when he put them in the cups. He had so much fun!

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Showing me the eggs he colored.

Eating way too much chocolate in just a diaper and socks. What a life. :)

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