Monday, August 11, 2008

What Our Cat Does for Fun

Weechee has spent a lot of time this summer in the apartment all by herself which has caused her to come up with some pretty amusing ways of entertaining herself. The other night she discovered a fly in the apartment and spent almost an hour chasing it. She actually caught it a few times, but the fly always managed to get away after it regained consciousness.

She also has a blast playing with the closet doors because they are huge mirrors. She will randomly attack the mirrors, often running into the doors. Sometimes she attacks the clothes inside through the crack where the two doors meet.

Although I don't have any of this on video, Weechee also enjoys turning our apartment into an obstacle course; she climbs, jumps, leaps, and runs around and on everything (and at a ridiculously fast speed)! Another one of Weechee's favorite things to do is run head first into the bedroom and living room panel blinds making them bang into each other in every direction. You might think this is funny, but how would you like to get woken up at 5:30am to your cat playing with the blinds? Yeah, annoying.

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